What to expect: the pre-blog

What to expect: the pre-blog

Using my prerogative as webmaster I open this blog  to inform you on the purpose and features of the blog.

In the Eurosiva-blog the individual board members will write what keeps them busy or what they think is interesting for IV and not so IV enthusiast colleagues. We plan to update this post at least every 4 weeks. Topics could be news from the meetings, from the different projects, a comment on an article and so on. We may also invite non board members to post in our blog. Before publishing, the post will be read and aproved by at least one co-board member.

We also added the possibility to comment on the blog. We will respect your privacy  and will not share your email address,  but if you want you can log in anonymously. We will however remove comments that are inappropriate or otherwise not supportive for an open discussion.

The Eurosiva does not have a commercial connection with any of the companies involved in IV anaesthesia, neither pump manufacturers, depth of anaesthesia monitoring, pharmaceutical companies or other. Individual board members may have such connections but these connections will be disclosed in their individual blogs.

As an example, here is my personal 'hot topic' list:  I am preparing a post on how to use a simple spreadsheet for doing pharmacokinetic calculations. I will make a spreadsheet that will show what happens when the two Eleveld models for propofol(with and without opioid) are used when the opioid is added later so the model theoretically has to change after an induction with no opoid on board and after the opioid is given for incision. My guess is that the impact will not be that big from a pharmacokinetic point of view, but it will be interesting to see. You may also be interested in the efforts to make the Tivatrainer platform-independent so it will run on iOS, android, macOS, Linux and windows.‌‌ The search for an appropriate model for Remimazolam for TCI and to implement in Tivatrainer is another thing that keeps me busy together with the extension of Tivatrainer to incorporate the concentrations of drug metabolites:for example for ketamine, lidocaine. For the first months I think my blogs topics are covered.

Happy  reading!

Frank Engbers‌‌

Secretary and webmaster Eurosiva

Disclosure: Owner of Gutta, the company responsible for the creation of Tivatrainer and LabelSyringe.